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  • How many?

    3 gummies will give you the perfect measurement of 5g of creatine. There's no unwanted sugars or syrups to add flavour too, so it's just pure power and flavour.
  • How often?

    Take them whenevery suits your workout plan. Before, after or during. Consistency is key though, so maintain a regular routine for best results.
  • How vegan?

    Very! we don't use any meat products to enhance our flavours & products. We use responsibly sourced ingredients and love our planet.
  • How effective?

    Our creatine gets to work immedietly, and results can be seen and felt as soon as 3-4 weeks after you start taking them. Train hard, train with G-force!

Experience G-Force

Premium quality, delicious grape flavoured Creatine Monohydrate in convenient gummies. Give your workouts the boost they need with our G-Bearz.
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